Christmas Aluminum Foil Balloon Inflatable Party Decor (Santa Claus 2)

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1. Can be inflated and used repeatedly;
2. Made of aluminum foil with metal luster;
3. When finishing inflating, you can pinch the inflating hole and it will automatically seal;

Product name: Christmas Aluminum Foil Balloon Inflatable Party Decor
Material: aluminum foil/film
Size: 45 X 45cm/17.7 X 17.7\"
Pattern: snowman, Christmas tree, Santa Claus

1. When air inflating the balloon, be aware of its rated size and keep it under its max size range. Also pay particular attention to folded situation. When it happens, stop inflating, expand the balloon and then continue to inflate.
2. Keep it away from sharp or pointy objects, unclean ground and strong sunshine.
3. Due to the thermal expansion of gas, when temperature drops, balloons should be properly inflated. When temperature rises, you need to give out some air appropriately in case of burst.

Package Content:

1 X Balloon