Mini Bell-shaped Scale Thermometer and Hygrometer for Home or Office

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Mini Bell-shaped Scale Thermometer and Hygrometer for Home or Office

It is a thermometer, but also a hygrometer.
Exterior design is bell-shaped, with pointer scale.
Suitable to monitor normal in / outdoor weather condition
Can be equipped in office, restaurant, hotel lobby, garden, classroom, laboratory, workshop and house, etc.

Best environmental temperature and humidity reference:
The most suitable environment of the human body: temperature 15 C -25 C, relative humidity 45%RH-75%RH
Home environment: 40% RH-70% RH
Libraries, art galleries, museums: 40% RH-60RH
Computer computer room, communications room: 45% RH-60% RH
Cloth, cotton textiles placed: 40% RH-60% RH
Milk storage: 50% RH-60% RH
Fruit storage: 60% RH-70% RH
The most favorable against the disease environment: 30% RH-50% RH

Easy to read
Dependable reading with high accuracy
Convenient size
Color indicator for comfort zone
With a hook for wall mounting or rack

Measuring range:
Temperature -30 ℃- 50 ℃, error ± 2 ℃
Humidity 20% -100%, error ± 5%
Dimension: 7.5 X 2.3 cm


This product should be placed in the natural ventilated place, far away from the heat source, avoid sudden fever,

don't be sunlight directly.

Package Content:

1 X Thermometer and Hygrometer

1 X Small Bracket